Khloe Kardashian or Gwendoline, Who wore it better?

Happy Sunday!

I woke up this morning and on Instagram I found out that Khloe Kardashian also posted on her Instagram wearing the same dress as me. A dress she wore 5 years ago, I think I bought mine more than 5 years ago at Vika. The dress was on sale for 50% percent and I think I paid 3000kr (500 dollars back then), I still have the dress and wear it.

It was quite interesting that we posted on instagram on the same day, wearing the same dress:-)

Khloe I love you, but I think it`s fair to say that I rocked the dress better than you back then:-)))





Wow! This picture was taken many years back when I lived in Oslo. It was the very first apartment I owned which I lived in for a few years with Shawn. Geez time flies!

Well, my goal is to get back to this shape and size  before the wedding. I believe I held a 58kg for a good while. I think I have always been a size 34/36 european size for years! It`s amazing what the love of food and age can do to your body haha;-)

Last night we had two friends over for dinner. For the New year’s eve Claudia surprised us with a” home version michelin style” dinner with some good wine pairings and of course lots and lots of champagne…so, last night even though its not easy with work, kindergarden etc.. we still needed to make it special.

Have a great Saturday dolls:-)


My French Riviera Wedding Countdown Begins

Oooooh my god!!!!! Imagine it is 6 months until our wedding!! In this photo: Kim Kardashian and Vera Wang at Kims wedding with Kris H. Well, I wish she too could be by my side at my wedding!

image1 1

Have I found the perfect wedding dress yet? hell yes!, and It`s gorgeous, and I can`t wait to slip into it, errh…after loosing 10 kgs that is…;-)

The thought of getting married on the French Riviera at one of the most beautiful places I know and…., marrying one of the kindest, smartest, loving  and dedicated man I know is the most amazing feeling…There isn`t a better feeling, purely indescribable!

FullSizeRender 7




Yes, 2017 is OUR year!!


Choosing a new habit and sticking to it.

Your life goals are not your habits.

With the new year 2017 coming up, it’s easy to get caught up in the desire to make massive changes in your life. For me, the changes I would love to make in my life if I think of a massive change would be to magically turn from being a nocturnal person to a diurnal person. I am not a morning person and do not function properly so early in the mornings. Having a good cup of coffee helps, even though for medical reasons I am not allowed to take more than 1- 2cups of coffee a day.  A rule which I break every now and then.

The other big change I would like to make is have an incredible weight loss transformations before the wedding.  I still personally think a size 32 is not a bad goal at all;-) When I see elite athletes on TV, I always wish that I could run faster and jump higher tomorrow.  I want to earn more, do more, and be more and all of this should happen pretty much right now!

I’ve felt these things over and over again and in general, I applaud my enthusiasm. Even though I’m glad that I want great things for my life and I want to do what I can do to achieve them. I am starting to realize getting there is not as easy as it seems. But it’s important to remember that lasting change is a product of daily habits, not once in a lifetime transformations.

If you want to start a new habit and begin living healthier and happier, then I have one suggestion which I learnt and that is to start small. In other words, make the goal of what you want to change so easy that you can’t say no to it.

How small? Well, begin just one step at a time. In the very beginning, performance doesn’t matter. Try becoming the type of person who always sticks to your new habit. You can build up to the level of performance that you want once the behavior becomes consistent.

Here’s your action step: Decide what you want your new habit to be. Now ask yourself, “How can I make this new behavior so easy to do that I can’t say no?”

My goal for 2017 is to become an early person. To love waking early in the mornings not because I have to (since I have a toddler) but because I enjoy it.

Remember your life goals are not your habits.

Have a great day!

Hugs Gwendoline


You Really Should Be Careful


you don’t miss the opportunity.

you don’t shy away from difficult decisions.

you don’t waste your life.

you appreciate things.

Be careful that you are kind, cause only then will the universe respond by showing you kindness.

Hugs Gwendoline:-)


Ahhh….The taste of England!

My favourites straight from England!

Vintage Cheddar

Cheese “Brulee”

Smoked ham & cider pate with bramley apple chutney

Chicken liver parfait with vodka & cranberry

Orkney Crab pate with a sweet chilli topping.

…and many more…..!

Ohh, why why, do I live in Norway!

This is just yummy!!!!


Have a lovely evening!



Sunday at The Grand Hotel

Good Evening!

Today we spent the day at the Grand Hotel and in the city. There was a lot of security at the hotel, as the President of Columbia was still there I guess. I  made a playful joke with KC saying that the President invited us for a private lunch. I was very convincing especially when I said it was a long time ago I knew him. “He was one of my flames back then” hehe:)

Anyway, the afternoon tea there was good! Recommended.

Here are some pictures of our day spent in the good old city of Oslo!

Have a nice evening!



Why Bother Shopping In Oslo?

Well, hello…Saturday!

Saturdays are usually lovely days for me. I always wake up with a define new energy to do stuffs. The weather today made it pretty uninviting to go out, it was a grey rainy weather.

I woke up this morning with GE at 7:30 a.m. Tomorrow is KC`s turn, then I get to sleep longer. I decided to bake some banana bread, so we had that breakfast. Very unhealthy I know. We enjoyed it with some soup my oldest son made for us the day before.


Later on, we headed to Oslo for some Christmas shopping. My son and his 2 friends came into town later on as well, When they were done at Peppes Pizza we all met up to accompany them to the stream show. Before we all met up, KC and I decided that it would be nice thing to do some shopping at Bogstadveien, Majorstuen. We had such a boring shopping experience! There wasn`t any shop that really caught our attention, everything was pretty same old. I envied at that moment those who lived in cities like London , New York, Paris and Barcelona!

FullSizeRender 6

I am not a really huge fan of online shopping. The reason being that it is such a fuss returning things that doesn`t  fit or you just don`t like them afterall. The only shop I found that looked interesting though was Edblad, a Swedish brand with beautiful jewelleries. If you seek a variety of nice and everyday inexpensive jewelleries, then this is an ok place to get one.

Later on we went to Olivia at Hegdehaugsveien to have a late lunch.

Otherwise, today was The Nobel Peace Prize Banquet at the Grand hotel. The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2016 to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos for his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end, a war that has cost the lives of at least 220 000 Colombians and displaced close to six million people.

There were quite a few security and police officers around the grand hotel when we passed by. What I found interesting though was that regular people could still get in and out of the hotel, compared with when President Obama received the Noble peace price in 2009. Then there was a complete lock down of the place with secret service personnel all over! Since the Norwegian police force wasn`t enough to protect Obama we asked for help from the Swedish government.

Our King and Queen were intending to host him at the palace for the nights he was here, but because he came with 250 men, our palace didn`t have enough room to contain them ha-ha…well, it’s very interesting to see how different the level of importance is from one president to the other.

Have a lovely Saturday!

Hugs Gwenny:-)


Friday nights at the Villa

Friday nights at home are cosy. With lovely Christmas carols and laughther in the background, surrounded by people you love….Mmmm…I love the Christmas feeling!

Today I prepared some chicken in the oven while KC took care of GE. We had a bottle of Champagne with the meal which gave a good Norwegian “stemming”.;-)


Now we are going to watch one of KC`s favorite Movies. I mean, KC and I have completely different taste in movies. He likes some  really strange movies (like Apocalypse Now, Clockwork Orange and Mulholand Drive)…while I am more of an FBI action and marvel kind of person. Luckily, he also reads comic books and can watch the superhero movies.

Have a good friday night



5 Ways to Start Living the Life You Really Want

Good Friday morning from Espresso house at Akerbrygge.

What a lovely Morning!

It went like a dream waking up this morning….( or NOT!), But hey when I checked, it is Friday!, which means it`s time for some serious luxury Christmas shopping, relaxation time and doing fun stuff with Family.

The plan for my weekend is Champagne, good food, my boy and his friends going to the stream show, and a surprise day I have planned for me, KC and GE on Sunday.

Actually, this is just part of his Advent calendar this year. It`s soo nice when you plan surprise days, because you get to create the day just as you want it to be. One of his Gucci belts needs a new hole since he lost some weight. Well, let’s just say I am more excited than him going to “fix” the belt on Sunday. I really want a Gucci IPhone case! But I want a special occasion reason to buy it, I still can`t find the right excuse to tell myself;)

The topic today:

Start Living the life that you want:


It took me years to get past all of my own misconceptions about what I should do and start doing the stuff I wanted to do.

I like this quote a lot: Stop Existing and Start Living. If you really look at it we have only got ONE LIVE, why wouldn`t you want to make it the best of what it can be? Okay, so your daily life is boring, you haven’t had a good date in what seems like decades and every day is the same old, with nothing happening to make you feel revved up and excited. Its work, home, cooking dinner, cleaning up, then bed time, and every day you wake up its like pressing the same button – REPEAT, and the same routine happens day after day. Clearly, that’s not a way to live!

The first change in your life that will make you start living the life that you want is that you need to:

  1. Discover your purpose: (What is my purpose in life?)

Now one of my absolutely best inspirational speaker is Dr. Wayne Dyer (1940-2015), when this guy talk I want to listen to him all day! The way he turns your thoughts into seeing life in a whole new way is amazing! This guy makes you find meaning in your life. He makes you love yourself in that special way. The only way his teachings will really affect your life is if you listen to them regularly, because when you move from it, you get to forget the impact that the words really have. One of the books I recommend which you should definitely ask your friend or spouse to get you for x-mas is: change your thoughts change your life by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Please do read this and let me know what you think! There is also a movie made that is indeed a must watch.

Theres is also a Movie made that is indeed a must watch.


2.  Erase negativity!

Trust me when I tell you that erasing negativity can really lift you places! But you need to have a focused mind. Someone hurt me back at High School. Yes, my very best friend! I knew her very well, I knew her character very well, she didn`t really know it but it wasn`t the act of what she did, but it was the disappointment in her weakness that caused a friendship betrayal and that made me hated her. I hated her so strongly that I could feel my heart ached. I was consumed by this negative feelings of betrayal.

This is the person who is supposed to know me so well that she can tell how I think, and what I am able to do and not. Anyway, I know in my heart that she knew she was wrong, but because she knew I would never forgive her, she never took contact with me to say she was sorry. My sister sent me a very inspirational article, I read that article and I understood that that was meant for me. To erase that negativity that I have carried all this years. So, I sent my friend a Message via Facebook back in 2008 I think. I told her ” I forgive you” I forgive you because I know you were weak, you followed the crowd, while all along you questioned the truth of the whole act. I forgive you because I know you know me, and you know the truth, and you know I would never hurt you in that way and neither you would hurt me in that way, but you were weak, I understand”.

She said she had never cried so hard when she saw my Message. It was such a joyous feeling for both of us… That day we both erased this big negativity that we have carried with us for years. Now, even though we will never be friends the way she used to be, we are at least happy that love prevailed in the end and we still can laugh and communicate from time to time and that we still love each other.



3. Concentrate on what you have.

If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough and will never ever be happy! If you didn`t know this, know that there is something within our mind called Reticular Activation System (or RAS). What you focus your thoughts on, this system will start to try to find evidence of in your surroundings. That is way there is a saying that goes surround yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do.

When we focus on what you have and appreciate it or focus on what you want, a lot of things will start to “pop up” in your reality. Some was actually there all along.

But you can only see it when you shift your focus, change your thoughts and change your life. If you focus on what you don’t have your RAS will only help you to find evidence of that. The mind also make us believe being single is a bad thing. It turns to show us all the things we miss in life from not having a relationship. Enjoy your single life when you can, it is the only time you get to buy a Hermès birkin bag without a bad conscience, so please rock your single life with a big  smile ladies.:-))


4.    Live in the present moment.

Let go of the past, who you were, focus on who you want to become! If you want to be a stylish fashion icon, get rid of all the old trash in your closet. Take your  fashion icon and copy her style, her clothes, her look, her ways. If you want to be Oprah forget that you don`t have the skills. Look at yourself at the present moment, not the you of the old. Think you were just reborn and start living the life you want. Everyone who knows me knows my passion for life. I am NOT scared. I live in the moment! I love elegant and nice things, and nice places, and I love happy People! I am also very career orientated. ( I prefer to date nerds, because I cannot stand it if I ask my partner if in his opinion, he believes E = mc2 can still prove the force of gravity, and I don`t get a well qualified opinion.) I guess that`s why I like parties a lot too because there everyone is smiling and seem happy:-)

KC and I was at the Spa called the Well sometime back, and we ran into the owner and he was limping, which was obvious he had a leg problem and he was together with a friend, so I went up to him in KC`s dismay and asked “what happened to your leg? He started explaining how he hurt himself but he said he has had it treated at the hospital and I was like which one, then he spoke about a place in New York and then I go.. hmm..New York.. fancy hah? And wished him a lovely recovery. I went back to my Norwegian man (who now looked as red as a shrimp), with a big smile, and I got the look “ Gwen, remember I am Norwegian and we eerrrh don`t talk to people hahaha.

Live in the present moment and do whatever MAKES you happy. When you die, you will ask yourself who the fuck have I been trying to please all along?


5.  Lastly, stop! trying to be happy!

Stop the pursuit for happiness because you will never find it! It`s like watching the endless episode of Tom and Jerry where that little mouse never gets caught. Yes, that is happiness. You will, almost never catch it. Two days ago, I was sharing some evening “juleglogg” with KC and I asked him, KC are you happy? And he asked me to come over and snuggle into his arms, then he answered, now am HappyJ Sweet, but I continued…. I mean, KC are you really happy? Hehe, which explains my whole point. He just told me what made him happy, yet I still went on, on the pursue of  happiness. Happiness is what we tell our minds. Define your own happiness, then tell your mind what that is, then you will just realize you have actually been happy all along!.

Have a lovely Friday guys!